Pokemon Mega July 13th Events Update Content

Time: 2018-07-11 04:48

Dear Trainers:

In order to provide better gaming experience, we will conduct update at 2:00−5:00 on July 13th. The following are update contents:

1.Activate Species Strength system.
2.Activate Guild Gym.
3.Add the Dawn and Luffy skin.
4.You can choose one button to remove all the gems on the equipment when you replace the equipment.
5.Optimize chat messages.
6.Fix the Red packet sorting problem.
7.Fix the problem that the player who is the earliest completed in the badge list will be pushed down in Road of Championship, Signs Rankings and Badge Rankings.
8.Change into the unit to Cents in the Server Race.
9.Fix some guild problems.

The end time may be advanced or delayed according to the actual situation.


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