Pokemon Mega August 6th Update Content

Time: 2018-08-05 22:52

Dear Trainers:

In order to provide better gaming experience, we will conduct update at 2:00−5:00 on Aug 6th. The following are update contents:

1.Mewtwo Y’s Mega Evol
2.Mew, Tyranitar Shining.
3.Snorlax, Steelix Shining.
4.Salamence, Dragonite, Flygon Shining.
5.Iron First Tourney update to the latest version
6.The town welcomes new residents: Cynthia, Bianca. Can activate special features of Arena, Guild boss.
7.When player joins new guild, require waiting time before joining Guild BOSS is changed.
8.Open the new map “City Area” and switch to the new map in the upper right corner.
9.Add the new Pokémon: Entei, Suicune and Shaymin.
10. Increase the Rankings: the Pokémon ranking - -Sweep ranking.
11. Increase the Guild technology - Sweeping enhancement.
12.Fix the problem that the racial value breakthrough has no effect.
13.Fix Auto Battle boss problem

Updating time: Between 14:00 to 17:00 on August 6th.
The end time may be advanced or delayed according to the actual situation.


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