June 12nd Server Merger Announcement

Time: 2018-06-10 22:44

Dear trainers:


There will be a server merge this week, from June 12nd 10 P.M to June 13rd 6 A.M. (GMT -7) Trainers of the servers below will not be able to login the game for about 2 hours.

Merge Server: S 233~ S 252; S253~ S269; S313~ 317; S318~ S322; S243~ S252; S323~ S326

After that, those servers will be linked together and share the data. So there are some rules you must know in advance!

A. Account Clearance
*Characters that fulfill all the conditions below will be deleted:
(only fulfill ALL THESE CONDITIONS will be deleted!!!)

-Haven't logged in for the past 14 days
-Character level below 40
-Top up amount = 0

Note: Guild leaders won't be deleted.

B. Concerning Server Link
*Players or guilds with identical names will automatically be renamed by the system and receive one name-change card.

*After the server link(or merge, sth like that), players will still enter the game through their original servers.

*Concerning event data management:

To ensure event uniformity, after the server link in the new area will be retained while activity data in old areas will be deleted. Note: Before the server link, the players are to be advised to collect their event reward so that it doesn't get lost through the link.

*The data listed below will be wiped.
1. Arena rankings
2. First kill records in guild instances
3. Guild instance progress and boss life.(Guild instance Diamond unlock progress will be retained. After completing the first kill, the unlock progress for instances can be continued.)

1. After the server link, daily rewards will be reset to accumulate total top-up.
2. After the server link, double Diamond top up reward will be reset.




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